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Ladies' Quarter. Collection of bouquet holders (Hall 5)

This is one of the museum's most peculiar collections. Bouquet holders are small containers in which the most refined European ladies arranged bouquets and wore them on their hands as an added accessory. They were especially popular at dances and grand parties. Originally from France, their popularity spread throughout Europe during the 19th century. Our collection is made up of 12 holders-one of the largest groupings that can be found in a museum.

These singular jewels represent a great variety of typologies, though in general, they are made up of a conical metal container that tapers down to a handle. A ring allows for the piece to be hung from a finger while a pin holds the bouquet in place.

The holders come from a variety of sources, and are made of different materials using varying techniques. The showcase features holders made of gilded metal with decorations in stone or glazes with delicate silverwork. Some handles are opalescent, while others are made of mother-of-pearl or enamelwork.