Zoom. The collection under analysis

Get to know the works of the museum from two very different visions: the historian and the artist

These sessions will have as protagonists the works from the collection of the Museu Picasso, which will be explored by two specialists: an art historian who will contextualise the work from within the trajectory of Picasso, and an artist who will propose an artistic exercise linked to his techniques and contents.

_January 14th 2016

Las Meninas, 1957

With the authors of the comic Las Meninas (National Comic Award 2015)

- Santiago García: author and critic of comics

- Javier Olivares: author and illustrator of comics

_February 11th 2016

The Wait (Margot), 1901

The gesture and colour in this key work of the development of Picasso

- Francesc Fontbona, historian

- Mar Saiz, artist

_March 17th 2016*

Portrait of Jaume Sabartés with Ruff and Cap, 1939

The portrait of the people close to Picasso and in the contemporary practices

- Margarida Casacuberta, philologist

- Consuelo Bautista, photographer

_April 14th 2016:

Barcelona Rooftops, 1903

The "found image" as an element of creation

- Reyes Jiménez, Head of Restoration and Conservation, Museu Picasso

- Luís Bisbe, artist

_May 12th 2016:

The Pigeons, 1957

A series within a series, in the later creation of the artist

- Eduard Vallès, historian

- Gonzalo Elvira, artist

_June 9th 2016

Madame Canals [Benedetta Bianco], 1905

The psychological portrait: when the portrait becomes the person

- Malén Gual, Curator of the collection, Museu Picasso

- Gonzalo Goytisolo, artist


The second Thursday of the month, at 7.00pm.

*for reasons of the service, this session will take place on the third Thursday of the month

  • Admission free of charge
  • Limited capacity
  • Museu Picasso. Classrooms of the centre of Documentation and Research. Plaça Sabartés 1