General Library

Standards and metadata

BCNROC is implemented using Dspace version 5 freeware, which complies with the OAI-PMH Protocol and allows you to use the standards of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI).

Owing to the large variety of documents that are included, we have had no choice but to consider specific qualifiers in some cases, to meet Barcelona City Council's special information needs. These metadata are the ones that bear an asterisk in the document " BCNROC Metadata Repository[Cat]"

To minimise the time departments and editors spend self-publishing their documents in BCNROC, the descriptive metadata the departments must introduce has been limited to a maximum of 15, see " BCNROC Metadata Repository for editors[Cat]"

SEDAC is responsible for completing the metadata of the document once it is already visible via the repository to help get it online as quickly as possible.