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Documentation for editors

Editors are the people responsible for the incorporation of documents into BCNROC.

If you are a municipal department preparing documents for widespread publication you will have to self-publish them on BCNROC so they can be seen, consulted and reused by everyone on the Internet.

If your documents also have to be published on the City Council's Transparency website or on other municipal channels, you will have to incorporate them into BCNROC. Once they have been entered there, they will be visible from these other channels.

We recommend you use automated, processable, open-standard formats when preparing your documents, to help to ensure they can be permanently accessed and reused by interested third parties. You can use the PDF format for text documents but you will also have to self-publish the document in TXT and XML formats to ensure their automatic reuse and the mid- and long-term conservation of the digital files.

As a general rule, the maximum deadline for depositing new documents with BCNROC is one month as from the date of their completion. As for documents made in collaboration with external editors for commercial purposes, the deadline established for the embargo agreed to which must not be in excess of five years.

You can consult in catalan version the general manual on the Repository, a demonstration video for forwarding the document and guides for the correct description of the metadata for each of the collections clicking here.