Vilató. Telephone Drawings
Vilató takes advantage of the time he spends on the phone to draw. They are sketches of his works, both engravings and paintings, in which there appear the figurative schemes that are so much his own and that evoke hybrid characters, chimerical birds, turtles, musical scores, cellists, the sun... Notes abound too. Addresses jotted down during the conversation. Appointments. Phone numbers. Odd calculations. The Museu Picasso de Barcelona celebrates the centenary of Javier Vilató’s birth with this catalogue.


Authors: Emmanuel Guigon, Xavier Vilató

Year: 2021

Pages: 96 p.

Languages: català/ castellano/français /english

Format: 18,5 × 14 cm

Publisher: Fundació Museu Picasso de Barcelona



Price: 15 €