Thursdays we talk about...
Get to know the collection of the museum through the eyes of future historians!

This programme is situated half way between the task of university training and the diffusion of our permanent collection. A challenge is posed to the students to give presentations to our public about the works of the collection, and in return offering them training about Picasso and the collection, as well as first-hand contact with the professional world of the museum.

From the museum we share the visions about these works with a generation which is starting out on its professional path and which allows us to renew the way we look and to learn together.


March 20th:

The Dwarf, 1901 – Ricardo Pérez Hita

Portrait of Jacqueline, 1957 – Marta Sesé

March 27th:

Lola, the Artist's Sister, in the studio in Riera de Sant Joan, 1900 – Helena Pujol

Woman with Mantilla, 1917- Teresa Vives

April 3rd:

Woman with a Bonnet, 1901 – Miguel Ángel Minol

Gored Horse, 1917 – Mònica Tarré

Painter working, 1965 – Anaís Muñoz

April 10th

Blanquita Suárez, 1917 – David Rodríguez

Las Meninas, 1957 – Mayte Cantero

  • Venue: Fundació Museu Picasso. Pati Finestres (C/ Montcada 23 - 08003 Barcelona)
  • Time: 7.00pm

Price: admission free of charge. Limited capacity