STORM at the Museu Picasso

9 March to 1 April 2018

A sound project by VACCA at the Pati Finestres of the Museu

We are pleased to announce the celebration of the anniversary of the opening on 9 March 1963 of the Museu Picasso, a revival of culture in Barcelona that was the subject of much debate at that time. To mark this occasion, we will be presenting a piece within the line of contemporary art interventions that the museum launched last year.

TEMPEST is a sound installation by the artist Vacca adapted to the space of the Pati Finestres of the Museu Picasso.

The installation consists of the simulation of an approaching storm and uses various pieces of sound playback and speaker equipment distributed around the courtyard.

Vacca (Granollers, 1954) is an artist with a long career working on the fringes of conceptual art stretching back more than 30 years who experiments with the impact of sound as an artistic medium.