Sound and visual displays . Collaboration with the Civic Center of St. Augustine

Monday 4 June

Picasso Museum (hall and living column)


18.30 - Parasite: Pablo Rega Ramos

The series parasite looking into electronics error found new meaning sound, relating microsounds captured with ultrasound sensors, as if it were a living organism, adapting decisions in time to build the piece. The choice of sound sources, materials such as water, metal, homemade electronic circuits, motors and synthesis process are mostly the process of this piece was not the end, but helping to connect the source and output. Scrap between the analog and digital laboratory. Guitarist and electronic musician, working with different groups in the field of improvisation IED8, BRUITAGE, Z1C0, Tires & driving ensembles and orchestra OMEGA BIB Build sound devices based on different materials between sound installation and the laboratory, experimenting the fragility of handling them and trying to find electronics in the gesture of the acoustic instrument.


19:30 - Steve Reich's Pendulum Music: Sound Art Laboratory of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona

The Laboratory of Sound Art at UB makes a recreation of Pendulum Music of Steve Reich piece experimental cataloging difficult. This proposal can be seen as an artistic action, an installation and a concert, all at once. The performers are limited to enable the sound phenomenon occurs, which is a precedent in the work of other authors and minimalist Reich. Based on repetitions and variations, synchronous and asynchronous, progressions and rhythmic timbres, this composition opens the door to the sound installations and sound sculptures strictly. This piece was first performed in 1969 by Bruce Nauman, Richard Serra, James Tenney and Michael Snow in the Whitney Museum of American Art.


20,00h - Marina: Mikel R. Nieto + _blank

The first definition of the word is in the dictionary Marina: Belonging or relating to the sea. Marina uses field recordings made with underwater hydrophones. Use Mediterranean ports as places of inspiration. Believes that these areas are the public and private referring to that "Marc Augé" called "non-places". Marina is a reflection of these non-places underwater.

Fascinated by the cinema since childhood, he studied film direction, but soon realized that it interested him very classic narratives, so he began experimenting with image, sound and text in less traditional ways. Currently his work revolves around themes such as rain, noise, chaos and emptiness, both literally and from a conceptual point of view.


21,00h - vs. Crafts Technology: Diego Armando

Juxtaposition between analog animation short a Canadian and Iranian deeper and minimal electronics. The work of putting new soundtrack to these images is done also without analog computer work with the sole help of a mixer and vinyl dishes.

Diego Armando Xavier Riembau alter ego is one of four members of the group and the label Bankrobber Bankrobber gang. Dj usual booths in the city. The guarantee their sessions Powder Room (Apollo), the 2nd nights Marula Café Heliogàbal, Switch, El Nido and Festivals as Faraday (Vilanova) PopArb (Arbúcies) and Rock Circus (Italy).



8th Sonora Show and Visual