Series of performances about the representation and the role of the female figure in art

Alicia Framis: Cage Loops, 2010 (Performance created specifically for this cycle)


Thursday 4 November at 19: 30h

Introduction by Erika Bornay

collaboration with students of the dance school Coco Comin



As we are / How they see us



Activity around the exhibition "Picasso Looks at Degas"


Although it seems that Picasso and Degas never met, they shared various aesthetic concerns. Among their common interests is the image of women, particularly in private, combing her hair or bathing, represented in private that, made public, questions the classic elements associated with femininity: grace , decency, innocence, virginity, the role of woman as mother / muse, etc.

This series of performances by four artists invited to review these concerns from a contemporary perspective, exploring them from a feminine perspective and from what could be called a second generation feminism: a reinterpretation of the questioning of the role female beauty that made women artists from the 70s, checked by artists who take the baton but also adapt to their social and vital moment.

Alicia Framis (Barcelona, 1967). He studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and at the Ecole de Beaux Arts in Paris. He also did a master's degree at the Institut d'Hautes Études in Paris and the Van Beelde Kunstende Rijksakademie, Amsterdam. He has lived and worked in Barcelona (1985-1990), Paris (1990-1993), Amsterdam (1995-2005) and Shanghai (2006-2009). He currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

Erika Bornay. Is a professor in the Department of Art History at the University of Barcelona. His work as a researcher focusing on the iconography of the woman in the painting. Among the published literature include Las Hijas de Lilith. The image of the femme fatale in the art. Ed.Cátedra. Madrid, 2008 6th ed. (1990, 1st ed.), As well as women's hair. A Dialogue between poetry and painting. Ed.Cátedra. Madrid, 1994 (2010, 2ªed.) Art is also written in M Mujer. Sd.Ediciones. Barcelona, 2009 ¿Who's afraid of the trial or the femme fatale ?. Mito genesis and development of the nineteenth century. Ministry of Culture. Teatro Real. Madrid, 2009. He has worked in "El País" and "La Vanguardia" and a member of the National and International Association of Art Critics.

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