Seminar. Lee Miller: Picasso in private

Exhibition Lee Miller: Picasso in private

13 June 2007


9h - 10h

10h - 11h
Pepe Serra
Director, Museu Picasso
Katherine Slusher
Exhibition Curator
Author of Lee Miller Roland Penrose. The Green Memories of Desire

11h - 12h
Antony Penrose
The Lee Miller Archives and The Penrose Collection Director
Author of The Lives of Lee Miller
The Road to Sitges

12h - 13h
Elizabeth Cowling
Reader in History of Art. University of Edinburgh
Author of Visiting Picasso: The Notebooks and Letters of Roland Penrose
Portraying Picasso in Words and Images: Roland Penrose and Lee Miller in Collaboration

13h - 15h

15h - 16h
Estrella de Diego
Professor of History of Contemporary Art. Universidad Complutense, Madrid
Co-author of Picasso: Musas y modelos
Espejos sin alinde: Picasso se mira en las mujeres

16h - 17h
Mark Haworth-Booth
Visiting Professor of Photography. University of the Arts London
Author of The Art of Lee Miller
Curating The Art of Lee Miller, a centenary celebration

17h - 18h
Round table, moderated by K. Slusher
Participants: A. Penrose, E. Cowling, M. Haworth-Booth and E. de Diego

18h - 20h
Visit to the exhibition