Roundtable: The "Harlequin": from the street to the canvas

Centenary of the donation of the work Harlequin by Pablo Picasso to Barcelona

One hundred years ago, Pablo Picasso donated his first work to Barcelona: Harlequin, painted during the stay of the artist in the city in 1917. We invite you to celebrate this gift with us.


In this conversation, we will explore the past of this figure, its representations and evolution, and the role it played in Picasso’s work.
With the participation of:

Malén Gual, conservator of the collection of the Museu Picasso.

Vicente Llorca, director of the Zirkòlika magazine.

Raffaelle de Ritis, specialist in circus and in Commedia dell’arte.

Ferruccio Soleri, actor, “Arlecchino” in the Teatro Piccolo of Milan 1959-2017.

Moderated by Emmanuel Guigon, director of the Museu Picasso.


Tuesday 14th May, at 7.00pm.

Lecture Hall.

All the activities are of free access until the capacity is full.



-Performances: The Harlequin comes out of the painting (14th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th May)

-Workshops and show: A Sunday with the Harlequin (19th May)