Round-table:"Crossroads, Homage and Transcendence: the influence of Rusiñol on the young Picasso"

Picasso versus Rusiñol

  • Round-table with Mita Casacuberta, Isabel Coll, Vinyet Panyella and Eduard Vallès, moderated by Antoni Sella
  • Wednesday 2 June at 7.30 p.m.

    Admission free. Hall

This round-table will look at how his acquaintance with Santiago Rusiñol, a leading figure of the Barcelona avant-garde, influenced the young Picasso in a number of different ways: as an active participant in various currents in European painting; as an element of transmission, introducing these currents into Barcelona, and, finally, as a referent in the construction of the image and condition of the artist, at a time when Rusiñol's reputation was at its highest and Picasso was evolving from a student to a practising artist.