Research Master " Grammar of Contemporary Art "
The Picasso Museum in Barcelona is one of its network of advanced studies and research generated from European masters think art today (60 cr. ECTS), and Grammar of Contemporary Art (60 cr. ects). These masters are organized by the Department of Philosophy at the UAB and a network of civic Museums and Art: Picasso Museum, Fundació Joan Miró, MACBA and La Pedrera. Its directors are Jessica Jaques and Gerard Vilar. Thinking about art today is a master of advanced studies specially designed for students who want to deepen their philosophy and art theory and contemporary edge. In the Museu Picasso module is carried out Rethinking Picasso, whose first priority review narratives about the artist and revisit them from the theory of contemporary art. It is coordinated by Pepe Serra, director of the Picasso Museum in Barcelona.

Grammar of Contemporary Art is a master of research in philosophy and theory of the vanguard of contemporary art, specially designed for students who want to do a master's thesis in context and to provide, where appropriate, the completion of a doctoral thesis. Each year we generate veintena master thesis and then some theses. MPB is made to the module artistic writing workshop coordinated by Joan Minguet, Professor of Art History at the UAB.

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