REFLEXIONART : Art Tutorials

Presentation of the work done by the students in Room 0 from 6 to 16 October. Free entrance

This initiative is a pilot-training action arising from Artistic Languages ​​Working Group of the Council of Pedagogical Coordination of Barcelona, ​​with the aim of uniting cultural institutions and schools to reflect on a common theme, which this first edition has been gender and its construction.

Each school has been supervised by an institution and has provided the broad artistic heritage of the city as a cultural reference to launch a cross-reflection that has emerged from its concerns.

The search ended with several art pieces in various formats well shown in the presentation. Along with the final objects, processes and showing images that have constituted the background of his work, reflected graphically in a few constellations that have become the heaven of your project.

With the participation of students of schools Institut Joan Maragall School Furrow, Mallorca school, school Torrent d'en Melis, school Estel-Guinardó School Teacher Morera, supervised by Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona Design Hub, Casa Asia , Francisco Godia Foundation, the Music Museum, Picasso Museum, National Theatre, Free Theatre, MACBA and MNAC.

Pilot emerged from the working group Languages ​​Artistic Education Coordination Council of Barcelona (promoted by the Municipal Institute of Education of Barcelona) and in collaboration with the Education Consortium of Barcelona.

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