Frame of "Nicasso, the film"

Presentation in the rooms of the Museum, of "Nicasso, the film" by Carlos Pazos

The artist Carlos Pazos has assembled the sequences relating to Picasso from the film Art¡ss!mo. A film of quotations, by expanding them but above all nuanced, in order to offer a panorama of the vision that the viewer extracts from Picasso through cinema. As usual in his work, Pazos uses the technique of collage to build a discourse, since he understands culture as accumulation and the quotation as an instrument of propagation.

In his words: «Collage seems to me to be the best system to express what I want to explain with freshness and speed and I almost always use it. For me, as far as art is concerned, it is the best invention of the 20th century. It allows extraordinary freedom and opposes the idea of creation, the idea of the artist-god.» 

The artist has titled the piece that he presents these days at the Museu Picasso Nicasso, the film in reference to the way American films are entitled when they deal with a famous figure in popular culture. With the title of this new creation, Pazos also wants to place on record Picasso as a celebrity and his universal character. In short, this work is a recognition of the Picasso the genius.

Fotograma de "Nicasso, el film"

The portrait of a woman with a guitar. But there were only a few cubes!


What does a Picasso look like? What bullshit! You are an imbecile. Get out of here!


When I finish with you your face will look like a Picasso


I can’t tell the difference between a Picasso and a car accident


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From 2 December 2022 to 19 March 2023


Rooms of the Picasso Museum