Picasso versus Rusiñol
This outstanding tour through of more than 250 images sheds light on the shifting relationship between Picasso and the modernista artist par excellence, Santiago Rusiñol. At the outset, Picasso deeply admired Rusiñol as a man and an artist and adopted many of his postulates and practices. Eventually, however, after this period of absorption (to use the term employed by Eduard Vallès, the exhibition curator) Picasso distanced himself from Rusiñol almost for good through satire and caricaturisation. This path (illustrated to perfection by Picasso's 21 portraits of Rusiñol ) is a paradigmatic example of the creative and life processes of the painter from Malaga.

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  • Title Picasso versus Rusiñol
  • Curator Eduard Vallès
  • Authors Eduard Vallès, Vinyet Panyella, Margarida Casacuberta, Eliseu Trenc
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 424
  • Languages catalán/inglés, castellano/ inglés
  • Format 20 x 24 cm
  • Editor Museu Picasso, Institut de Cultura de Barcelona
  • ISBN Catalan 978-84-9850-246-6
  • ISBN Spanish 978-84-9850-245-9
  • Design Isabel Solé López-Pinto, Alan Bates Design