Picasso Museum Reading Club

We started the third season of Picasso Reading Club, an approach that allows us to delve into Picasso issues from very different perspectives: explore Barcelona, ​​the city where the artist was formed; follow the readings of the artist, himself an avid reader and friend of poets and writers; and explore issues related to the environment and Picasso exhibitions.

In this edition discuss readings around the 75th anniversary of Guernica (1937), temporary exhibitions and the drive for drawing, so present in the work of Picasso. I celebrate another birthday, the museum, which turns 50 in 2013, while reading about people and Barcelona that made its creation.

-11 October 2012

The City of Marvels by Eduardo Mendoza

Jordi Gracia

Literary critic and professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Barcelona

-8 November 2012

On the drawing by John Berger

With Lali Bosch

Professor of Philosophy and curator

-13 December 2012

Against Guernica, Antonio Saura

Antoni Marí

Poet, essayist and professor of Art Theory at the University Pompeu Fabra

-10 January 2013

The great novel about Barcelona, ​​Sergi Pamies

The author

* -14 February 2013

Attorney Raymond Noguera and the legacy of Picasso, Miro and Pablo Casals, Agustí Pons With Senate Rafart

Curator of the Picasso Museum

-14 March 2013 *

Of lizard tails, Juan Marse

With Luis Izquierdo

Poet, essayist and professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Barcelona

-11 April 2013 *

Texts españoles: 1894-1968, Pablo Picasso

With Ford Malén

Curator of the Collection of the Picasso Museum

-9 May 2013

No soy yo, Estrella de Diego

Eduard Vallès

Independent curator of exhibitions


Program coordinated by Jordi Carrión and the Picasso Museum

All sessions begin at 19: 30h Language: Catalan * On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Picasso Museum