Picasso. La passió del dibuix
The passion Picasso showed throughout his life for drawing is evident from the thousands of sheets and numerous sketchbooks he used covering all kinds of themes - nudes, portraits, still lives, animal figures and stage decoration. This book brings together over 270 drawings from the Musée Picasso in Paris and the Museu Picasso in Barcelona demonstrating the artist's insatiable curiosity for everything surrounding him and the intense thought processes preceding his work.

Exhibition Curator: Dominique Dupuis-Labbé
Authors: Dominique Dupuis-Labbé, Marie-Noëlle Delorme, Marie-Christine Enshaian, Brigitte Léal, Jean-Yvette Sudour, Patrice Triboux
Publication year: 2006
Pages: 303
Languages: Catalan, Spanish
Format: 22.4 x 27.8 cm
Publisher: Institut de Cultura de Barcelona / Réunion des Musées Nationaux (Paris)
ISBN: 2-7118-5027-7 (Catalan), 2-7118-5028-5 (Spanish)
Price: 39 €