Palau Year: «Palau paints Picasso», by Gemma Reguant

Palau Year

We are joining in with the celebrations for the centenary of the birth of Josep Palau, poet and biographer of Pablo Picasso, within the framework of our habitual collaboration with Barri Brossa, one of the most significant activities of the Seca Espai Brossa.

Barri Brossa is an implementation by different cultural entities of Ciutat Vella of actions, shows, performances and circus.  A presence therefore in the territory: Museu Picasso, CCCB, Civic Centres such as the Sandaru and the Convent of Sant Agustí, the square of Santa Maria del Mar and the street, carrer Comerç. The BarriBrossa is also an offer free of charge for everyone.

«Palau paints Picasso» by Gemma Reguant 

The Museu Picasso will fill itself with the poetry of Palau i Fabre. An actress, a musician, a singer, a musician… The extraordinary and varied prose of Palau i Fabre dedicated to Picasso (To the fool of colours, Picasso): The first love (red, orange, The gold is not yellow, the Blue Danube, The bottom of the bottle (green), Negative (Black) and blank Chapter – “in white”). Accompanied by the music of Marc Egea. Different fragments of the work Homage to Picasso with the Guernica as the central theme, but also themes such as Love song or the Song of the woman panther. Loving dialogue between a man and a woman with poems by Palau i Fabre.

Texts: Palau i Fabre. Direction and playwright: Gemma Reguant. Actors: Marc Egea, Mireia Izquierdo, David Ortega and Gemma Reguant. Music: Marc Egea, Mirea Izquierdo and Maria del Mar Bonet.


May 13th at 8.30pm

Lecture hall of Museu Picasso

Admission free of charge, limited capacity

Lecture hall. Plaça Sabartés 1

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