Berenguer de Aguilar Palace. Picasso Museum, Barcelona. July, 2022. Photography: Mònica Moreno

Palaces sparkling clean, and the façade restored

The restoration works on the facades of the courtyards of the medieval buildings that make up the architectural complex of the Museu Picasso were completed last August. The restorers have worked in the courtyards of the Berenguer de Aguilar Palace, Meca Palace, Baró de Castellet Palace and Finestres Palace. This intervention has allowed us to refurbish a total area of 2,400m2.

The walls, made up mostly of stone from the hill of Montjuïc, have been rehabilitated, with the consequent recovery of the historical construction elements and their numerous sculptural pieces. The actions have made it possible to increase the features of the façades, guaranteeing the future conservation of their elements and improving the presentation and interpretation of the various chronologies of the walls.

The most welcome surprise has been the discovery of the pictorial decoration of the coffered ceiling, located on the entrance porch of Carrer Montcada through the Berenguer de Aguilar patio, in which different decorative motifs have been identified: figurative animals, plants, geometrics, as well as possible shields. Dr. Reinald González, the historian who directs the works, has estimated that the decoration was carried out in the 16th century.

Enteixinat amb motius decoratius

Coffered ceiling with decorative motifs. Photograph by Noemí Jiménez López (coordinator of the conservation and restoration team and works) 25/05/2022


Now we are facing a second phase of the building rehabilitation project. Restoration works have begun on the exterior façades of Carrer Montcada; an action approved on 20th January, 2022 by the Government Commission of Barcelona City Council. The proposal foresees interventions in all the buildings. The execution of the works will be carried out in three phases and its completion is scheduled in 11 months.  

Long live the palaces!


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