Oblidant Velázquez. Las Meninas
The catalogue reproduces the entire series of Las Meninas that Picasso painted in 1957, together with other works by almost 25 different artists from various periods also inspired by Velázquez's masterpiece. By means of various essays and analyses of the featured works, the book invites a new reading of Picasso's series, rooted in the tradition of Spanish painting and at the same time highlighting its significance as a precursor of our contemporary interest in issues addressed by many subsequent interpretations, which have engaged concepts such as the space, the weight of the iconographic elements or the presence of the processes of artistic creation and of the artist himself in the resulting work.

Curators: Gertje R. Utley and Malén Gual with consultation from Javier Portús
Authors: Jonathan Brown, Sònia Villegas, Javier Portús, Susan Grace Galassi, Robert S. Lubar, Gertje R. Utley
Texts on the works in the catalogue and biographical notes: Malén Gual, Isabel Cendoya, Michèlle Dalmace
Year: 2008
Pages: 292
Languages: Catalan and Spanish (with English translations at the back)
Formato: 23,2 x 29cm
Editor: Institut de Cultura / Museu Picasso de Barcelona
ISBN: Spanish 978-84-9850-089-9; Catalan 978-84-9850-090-5


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