The Mysterious case of the missing Picasso
Do you like challenges?
Family treasure hunt at the Picasso Museum

-By La Paparra-

If you are observant, good at solving puzzles and you like adventures... come and help us to solve this mystery!

The perfect activity for future investigators, eagle-eyed observers, budding detectives, keen crime-fighters, lovers of a good laugh, clever-clogs, inveterate explorers, professional who-dun-it solvers, young Sherlock Holmeses, experts in one-for-all and all-for one...


  • March: Sundays, March 13, 20 and 27 at 12 noon

April: Saturday, April 9 at 12 noon and 5.30 pm and Sunday, April 10 at 1.15 pm and 12 noon

  • Cost of the activity: €2
  • Recommended for children from age 5+ years