The Museu Picasso SEEN BY

The Museu Picasso SEEN BY... invites artists from different disciplines to offer their personal critical vision of Picasso's life and work. These perspectives from outside the Museum are generated from a wide variety of fields and practices - art, literature, science...- and trace ways of generating new narratives about Picasso, constructed in and of the present and free from the conventional readings and art-historical interpretations topical and historical interpretations of the great artist's work.

24 MARCH - Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC) - A view from music

14 APRIL - Isaki Lacuesta / Isa Campos - A view from the cinema

28 APRIL - Arnal Ballester - A view from the illustration

5 MAY - Marielena Roqué - A view from scenography

19 MAY - Juli Capella - A view from architecture

9 JUNE - Perejaume - A view from contemporary art

16 JUNE - Joan Fontcuberta - A view from photography