LOOP Barcelona in the Museu Picasso

In the year of the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing, the LOOP Barcelona video-creation festival presents the work of contemporary artists and filmmakers who are contributing to the debate and critical thinking around outer space, looking at the furthest-away stars as a pretext to explore the notions of territorialisation and colonization, geopolitical conflicts, climate change, technological progress and the more philosophical relationship between macro and micro structures.

Title of the exhibition: Guido van der Werve. Nummer zeven (The clouds are more beautiful from above)

Artist: Guido van der Werve (Papendrecht, The Netherlands, 1977)

Dates start/end of exhibition: 12 – 24 November 2019

Produced in 2006, Nummer zeven is a key piece in the work of the Dutch artist Guido van der Werve (Papendrecht, The Netherlands, 1977), which forms part of the tour curated by LOOP on cosmic space and its symbolic derivations. Conceived from the personal dream of the artist, the piece deals with the possibility of failure that is inherent in the creative process. If, when he was young, van der Werve dreamt of being able to transcend the earth dimension while looking at the starry sky, we can now see him in his study busily constructing a rocket from everyday objects, in order to achieve his childhood desire. In this way, if on the one hand the piece reflects on the fragility of the creators, it also exalts his ability to play with everyday circumstances and turn them into extraordinary events. Finally, from a symbolic point of view, the rocket evokes the break with tradition and the will to create new imageries - all elements which, if we wanted to find a direct connection to the universe of Picasso, would be present in the experiences of the historical avant-gardes and, among them, the cubist imagery.

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