ORBIS installation within the framework of LLUM BCN 2017

For the festivities of Santa Eulàlia, Barcelona will be lit up with LLUM BCN, a festival in which tradition blends in with new forms of expression that transform the city with the language of light.   

In the Museu Picasso we are hosting Orbis, an installation designed by students from Elisava. The Design and Engineering School of Barcelona.

Orbis, or how to generate a luminous shadow, is an installation in which two sources of light dialogue between them and with the aim of praising the shadow, eliminating its negative connotation and highlighting its beauty.  Could we think of a shadow that generates light?  We call shadow the region of the space which, due to the fact of being situated behind an opaque body illuminated by a source of light, is totally or partially deprived of light.  But, if the object that generates this shadow is at the same time a source of light of exactly the same shape and size as the projection of the beam of light that illuminates it? Could this object simultaneously generate light? 

To explore these paradoxical questions, we propose a dynamic conversation between a projected beam of light and a circumference with its own light, which is a passionate dual competing between them to erase the borders between light and shadow.  The choreography between two sources, associated with the soundscape derived from the sound generated for these, will construct a subtle and changing experience, in which the habitual roles of light and shadow will be diluted into a continual dance.   

Authors: Andoni Zamora, Luciana Pimentel, Pablo Viaplana, Yuliana Leon, Santiago Ríos, Alba Julià, Mariam Binsaif, Claudia Ribot, Daniela Meade, Sandra Lara, Laia Garrido, Ursula Pahl, Alessia Nobile, Lorena Medina and Kueilu Lin

Tutors: Gabriel Paré and María de la Cámara, de Cube.bz; Manuela Valtchanova; Roger Paez and Antoni Montes, directors of the master’s degree.



Friday February 10th and Saturday 11th, from 7.00pm to midnight

Sunday February 12th: from 7.00 to 11.00pm

Museu Picasso. Palau Finestres  (carrer de Montcada, 23)

ELISAVA. The Design and Engineering School of Barcelona www.elisava.net   

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