Living Things. Picasso Figure / Still-Life
"Metamorphosis - one thing turning into another - has long been acknowledged as crucial to Picasso's work, both in its creative processes and in its impact. What has been looked at much less deeply is the way Picasso's metamorphic manipulation of pictorial signs allowed him to move between the living and the dead as he invented and transformed his ideas. This book takes the reader through carefully selected sequences of works on a journey in Picasso's imagination, one that holds in balance the living and the dead'.

Curator: Christopher Green

Authors: Christopher Green, J. F. Yvars

Year: 2008

Pages: 192

Languages: Catalan & Spanish (English edition under preparation)

Size: 27 x 24 cm

Editor: English edition Thames & Hudson, Edition in Spain Institut de Cultura / Museu Picasso

ISBN: Spanish 978-84-9850-128-5, Catalan 978-84-9850-127-8

Price: 29,95 €