Light BCN 2016

On Friday 12 and Saturday 13 February, from 18:30 to 24 pm, and Sunday 14, from 18:30 to 23 pm, after dark, illuminated Barcelona and transforms the face of some of its buildings, squares patios and unique corners to tell new stories with the power of light as a raw material.

The experience and talent of renowned artists, which again surprised with the quality of their fascinating light show come together innovation capacity and courage of the students of the schools of art, architecture, design and lighting, we thrill with its facilities in light of the most emblematic patios of the Old Town. An opportunity for experimentation that Barcelona offers its talents and making a festival of lights BCN urban lighting reference. Meter and a half

Picasso Museum. Palau windows (Calle Moncada, 23)

La Salle

Enter a unique way to discover the colors of the painter Pablo Picasso while Palace windows disappears in a fog changing. In this speech, the continent gives space its role in content space, occupied by a single element: color.

A cloud of smoke capture the geometry of the patio and creates an atmosphere that allows us to rediscover a different palace in the heart of Born. The viewer loses the notion of space and also discovers that the color range impersonates while interprets figures and shapes in the fog. Each step in the installation that will completely change for each person who visits it. A show that promises to leave no one indifferent.

Authors: James Liñan Plan, Sergio Marzo Montoro and Xavier Bardina Lamelas