Festival Butoh
  • November 12th
  • Place: Museu Picasso
  • Tickets at Palau Finestres, c/ Montcada, 23.
  • Time: 21h

Price: 3€*

*Tickets for sale the same day of the show from the 10:00h (maximum 5 tickets will be able to buy at the time)


"kara kara kara da kara kara da raka dakara kara"

The sound of emptiness of body


And The END

"order of language spilling

spelled and un-spelled voice, spine, fingernails, shadow

broken a part and puzzled landscape in body

breathing the air between

observer, past and I and spelling"

UNSPELLED is a solo dance performance confronting the landscape of the body before its configurations of language or orientation. Playing in deconstruction and construction of self-image, territory of emotion, sexuality, and geometrical weight, the dance repeats death and birth, rhythmically piling up memory and cutting out moments of silence.

  • Yuko Kaseki
  • Music: Colleen, Somei Satoh
  • Management Consulting: Marc Lliguis, Isak Immanuel
  • Photography: Anja Beutler