Festival BUTOH

Friday 9th October

Minako Seki, Tenkai - The Way to Heaven

A South American tour in 2008 extended the view into the landscape between life and death, sky and earth, break-in and departure: TENKAI - a way of the notion.


When inside of you a hungry parasite makes itself noticed

by its greedy smacking,

living from your memories,

then feed it with your body

as well until constantly growing it has devoured

all of you.

Then let it dance.

That is all.

Dance and coreography: Minako Seki

Sound: Nils Willers

Light: Nils Willers

Length: 45min.

Photo: Esther Suave


About the artist:

Minako Seki was born in Nagasaki, Japan. Since 1985 she has danced in Tokyo with the Company DanceLoveMachine, with whom she came to Europe in 1986 by invitation of the Berlin Arthouse Bethanien. She stayed in Berlin and in 1987 she became co-founder and Director of Tatoeba - TÉÂTRE DANSE GROTESQUE, the first Japanese-German Butoh-Ensemble. She has further developed the style of this group, which amongst other characteristics focuses on the sleeping potentials in human beings, in 48 productions as a dancer, choreographer and director.

Since 1996 she has focused more on her work as a director and choreographer where she has continuously been looking for the friction in crossing art disciplines. She is also involved in intensive teaching: since 1990 she has been teaching at the Tanzfabrik Berlin, 1992-1999 at Teatret Cantabile 2 - School Of Stage Arts in Denmark and 1999-2003 at National Academy Norway.

Friday 9th oct. - 21.00 h - 3€ - Museu Picasso

Booking required


Friday 11th October

Imre Thormann, Voyager Homage to my Grandmother

Voyager is the name of a spacecraft that left our solar system 28 years ago on a search for other life-forms. On board, a set of gold records with sounds, photos and films. An entirely different being left this solar system some years ago: my grandmother. With her, she took an entire collection of gold records. Once again I will play her old records, dancing to the sound of forgotten melodies.

Carried on the waves of memories, the traveler longs to touch the impossible, before the pale bones cross the night towards the moon.

Dance & choreography: Imre Thormann

Music & composition: Dr. Doering

Costume: Inge Gill Klossner

Length: 40min.

Photo: Otto Muehlethaler


About the artist:

Imre Thormann - 1966, Berne.

He studied various martial arts, such as aikido, kung-fu, taekwondo and taichi. After training in Alexander Technique, he lived in Tokyo for the next 13 years. It was there he took classes from the co-founder of butoh, Kazuo Ohno, and from Michizou Noguchi. Since 1993 he has presented several butoh solos in Japan, Europe and in butoh festivals. In 2001 he started the Japan Now Festival in Berne (Switzerland) and Gdansk (Poland) with Shigeo Makabe. He opened Bodygarage, his own butoh school in Tokyo in 2002. He currently lives, dances and teaches in Berlin.

Friday 11th oct. - 20.00 h - 3€ - Museu Picasso

Booking required

Museu Picasso
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