"Dies de dansa"
  • July 3rd, Sunday, from 6 to 8 pm.
Museu Picasso, Plaça Sabartés

Human Playground (Canada), Auto-Fiction, 25 min.

Auto-fiction explores the diverse relations which we maintain with our cars. This choreographic trio is a research about the relationship between human and machine, through questionings, contemporary dance, acrobatics of street intervention and electronic music. By the powerful poetic evocation, Auto-fiction is an awareness performance calling imagination and personal responsibility. Act of urban activism, this piece questions the place of the car in our urban landscape, and puts a glance on the personal and collective myths surrounding it.

Yiphun Chiem - Tribal Sarong (Cambodia/Belgium), Apsara, 20 min.

"Yiphun Chiem is the little cousin -in a hip hop and Cambodian version- of Lara Croft...A girl 100% pure girl with this precisely little bit of wildness that makes possible to stay away from the clichés. Apsara is a rough solo that gets its name from the celestial dancers carved in the Angkor temples in Cambodia, because of the mortal energy and the shaped grace." (Rosita Boisseau, Le Monde)

Company Chameleon (United Kingdom), Search & Find, 17 min.

Search & Find explores the idea of connection and disconnection between people, as two protagonists search for a way to find a sense of shared understanding and purpose. Physically awesome and emotionally poignant the work invites you to consider your connection with others.

Lotte Sigh Company (Denmark), Remind Me, 15 min.

A man and a woman submerged in the controversies of love. A dance performance of intense physicality, humanity, brutality and yet sensitive presence. Set in a urbane fairy tale universe this piece has come to life inspired by Bob Dylan.

"There are many labels connected with Lotte Sighs interpretation of the human relationships. In a tremendous pace the audience is witness to a Virginia Woolf-like showdown for dance." (The Magazine City Calling)

Laurence Yadi, Nicolas Cantillon - Compagnie 7273 (Switzerland), La vision du lapin, 15 min.

La vision du lapin puts the codes of representation in front of a gap. Through the prism of representation it questions, often in an ironic manner, the process of creation. "An invitation to come out and play. A live exercise in demystification." (Alexandre Demidoff, Le Temps)

Mal Pelo (Catalonia), BACH, 25 min.

María Muñoz invites Pep Ramis to share the preludes they have danced so many times as a tribute to the 20th anniversary of DIES DE DANSA.