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The "... seen visions of the museum's collection" invites artists from different disciplines to offer a personal and critical view about the life and works of Picasso. A look outside the museum generated from diverse practice areas and mostly art, literature, science and suggests ways to generate new narratives Picasso built and released from the present clichés and historical interpretations of nature hanging over the reception of this artist.

October 7

Victoria Szpunberg (playwright) and Lucas Ariel Vallejos (sound design) "Between Science and charity"

November 1

Rafael Argullol (narrator, poet and essayist, professor of Aesthetics iTeoria Art, Fac. Humanities UPF) "Picasso - Balzac and the Unknown Masterpiece"v

18 Novemberv

Susanna Rafart (poet and jury Floral Games 2008) "Every afternoon Gertrude Stein was going to put in Montmartre davantde Picasso"v

December 2

Valentín Roma (art historian, curator and professor of Aesthetics and Digital Culture, Elisava) "Las Meninas: where is the cuadro encontraron Picasso, Duchamp and Jeff Wall"

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