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The "Visions of the collection" invites artists from different disciplines to offer a personal and critical vision about the life and works of Picasso. A look outside the Museum generated from 'diverse practice areas and mostly art, literature, science and suggests ways to generate new narratives Picasso built and released from the present clichés and historical interpretations of nature hanging over the reception of this artist.

May 13 -Tortell Poltrona (Clown) "Clowns Picasso Museum"

May 20 - Joseph Perello (lecturer at the Department of Fundamental Physics UB) "Picasso as a standard of measurement of the distance between art and science"

June 17 - América Sanchez (artist-designer) "Visit to dibujar"

July 8 - Arnau Puig (philosopher and art critic) and Pepe Serra (director of the Picasso Museum) "The shattering the concept of Picasso's art: the return of Horta de Sant Joan, in January 1899 in the first leg in Paris in September 1900 "

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