Collaborative Project with UB: "Germinal Projects: I, BARCELONA, PICASSO AND THE WORLD,"
  • 14 December

As part of the Collaborative Projects that the Museu Picasso developes with institutions of higher education, we present the publication "Germinal Projects: I, BARCELONA, PICASSO AND THE WORLD," which brings together the expertise developed by the Department of Drawing of the Faculty of Fine Arts in the UB and the reflections of teachers, students and museum curators around the relationship between artist and the city, and the crucial moment of professionalization of the artist, based on the legacy of the artist Pablo Picasso and the collection of museum.

Along with the publication, a presentation of a selection of works by the participating students will be shown in the Room 0 of the museum, which will be open until 22 December.

The Collaborative Projects are long term proposals in which the museum works with professors and higher education students on issues related to artistic practices, Pablo Picasso's career and the collection of the museum.

  • Organized by: Education Services at the Museu Picasso in collaboration with the Department of Art Route A2, University of Barcelona (Juan F. Gonzalez Giraldo, Diego Gil Moreno de Mora, Lidia Górriz Nicolas, Charles L. Falgueras Mauritius, Montserrat Lopez Paez and Marcel Pié Barba).
  • Participants: Students and teachers of subjects in processes of artistic creation (Lidia Górriz and Marcel Pié Barba) and Projects (Montserrat Lopez) at 4th Grade, and Languages of Art (Juan F. Gonzalez and Montserrat López) and Techniques Technology and the Arts (Diego Gil and Carlos Mauricio) 3rd Year Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, as well as optional dramatize space and lighting and animation (Carlos Mauricio), also in the degree of BBAA.