Ceramics. A game of imagination and seduction
  • Ceramics workshop by Conxita Payarol

This workshop aims to get us closer to the feelings that Picasso lived when working with clay, the most humble and easy-to-handle raw material, which lets us model it, disfigure it, cut it, add to it, take things away from it, paint it, etc., letting us believe that we are the masters of the creation. But we shouldn't fool ourselves: it is it, the clay, which, after passing through the alchemy of the fire, has the final word. If we have given it due respect, it will give us the aspect we had imagined: but if not, it will rebel, with broken bits, roughness, deformations, blisters, etc.

It's a game of imagination and seduction, and that's why this trade has fascinated so many artists.

Six sessions:

Dates: 12-13, 19-20 and 26-27 February

Timetable: from 5.30 to 8.00pm

Price: €30

Language: Catalan

Floor 0. Moncada,23

Registrations: museupicasso_reserves@bcn.cat

Classrooms of the Centre of Knowledge and Research. Plaça Sabartés 1