The shared studio. Picasso, Fín, Vilató, Xavier
With the organisation of the exhibition «The shared workshop», the Museu Picasso links once again the work of the artist with other members of his family: his nephews J. Fín and Vilató and the son of the latter, Xavier. J. Fín and Vilató grew up surrounded by art, and their uncle, a permanently present figure, helped them to channel their creative vocation, accompanying them in their initiation into the world of engraving and prints. The catalogue that accompanies the exhibition takes as its main axis the unknown world of the printing workshops in which the four artists worked, especially in Lacourière-Frelaut in Paris. The printing craftsmen of the French capital and also of Barcelona, are the authentic protagonists of this story. By means of their mastery we are able to discover the personality and peculiarities of the printed work of each of the artists of the Picasso family and how they were helped to develop their talent. The pages of this book give evidence of the love that all of them, artists and craftsmen, felt for printing, in any of their multiple manifestations, and the profound complicity that was established between them.


Title: The shared studio. Picasso, Fín, Vilató, Xavier
Authors: Marta-Volga de Minteguiaga-Guezala, Eduard Vallès, Cécile Pocheau Lesteven
Year: 2017
Pages: 224
Languages: Catalan/English, Castilian/French
Size: 28 x 24 cm
Publisher: Fundació Museu Picasso de Barcelona
ISBN: Catalan/English 978-84-947539-5-4
Castilian/French 978-84-947539-4-7

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