Barribrossa Picasso Museum



Friday 20 April at 19 am. Free entrance

A debate around Dau al Set, the second of the great Catalan avant-garde, surrealism, the magicisme and popular culture from the perspective of today. The arts, literature and contemporary movement. And the possible relationship with Picasso's work.

With the participation of writers Gloria Bordons, Lluís Permanyer, Carles Hac Mor and stage directors Alex Serrano, Jordi Prat i Coll, Xavier Giménez Casas and Pasquale Bavaro.


Dau al 7


Saturday April 21 at 21 pm. Free entrance

Dau al Set group garde Catalan created around the magazine of the same name in October 1948. Founded by Joan Brossa, philosopher Arnau Puig and painters Joan Pons, Antoni Tàpies, Modest Cuixart and Joan-Josep Tharrats. Shortly created the group were joined Juan-Eduardo Cirlot.

Dau al Set represents the negation of the society of his time, took a position of constant provocation and agitation that connects with Dada and the Surrealists. Dau al Set exclude themselves from the atmosphere of cultural darkness of the early Franco years.

Piece Nozomi 700, Dau to 7, is the fourth in a series of performances that explore provocative movements of contemporary art (the twentieth century and its passage in the XXI century). The first Cabaret Voltaire refers to the Dadaists, the second Yellow Manifesto to the Catalan avant-garde before the civil war, the Dau al Set in post-war Ten Tips to follow the line until the twenty-first century, through the artist Antonio Ortega. All three shows were released on Brossa Scenic Area in Barcelona, ​​this new release now stimulated.

Dau to 7, the show is a tribute to the artists of the group and especially Brossa, Tàpies and Ponç. Over an hour of poetry linked fifth stage of the period Rubbish -escrites more creative intensity of the group with the same texts published in the journal Rubbish often refer to artist friends. Finally also includes a biographical text by Antoni Tàpies.

script and direction : Xavier Giménez Casas


Carles Hac Mor : Master of Ceremonies

MARIA DONOSO : DJ and actress

MARÇAL BAYONNE : Man with beard shaved

MELCIOR Casals man with black or very dark face

MIGUEL SEGOVIA : man with black sideburns

VICENÇ ARMERO : musical advice

NURIA INÉS ( INK FINA ): graphic creation and costumes


LOUIS J. HIGUERAS : graphic design and animation

XAVIER CASAS GIMÉNEZ : written and directed

Production: Nozomi 700