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These are the proposals to be presented at the Museu Picasso:

April 1. 21.


Text Ricard Ripoll

Address: Quim Lecina. Cast: Nausicaa Bonnin and Enric Cambray. Image Design: Marco Domenichetti.

The latent birth is a multimedia project from the crossing of two poems, Theory of colors, a tribute to Arthur Rimbaud and Palau i Fabre, and the wolf palimpsest, a tribute to the 50 years of the French group OULIPO. From this fortuitous encounter, Ricard Ripoll (Sweden, 1959), professor of the Department of French literature at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and director of GRES (Research Group Subversives Scriptures), a show that poetic and musical film where words have more meaning than any previous center stage. It heard a rhythm and forget that content imprisoned in barren realism. It is an invitation to be swayed by the potential of words.

Place: Museu Picasso

Entrance Plaza Sabartés 1

Free admission. limited

video __________

2nd April. 21.

TEST paraparèmic

an action paratheatrical ouliponiana and interactive hipo septimínica.


Observer quantum texts and Carles Hac Mor. Images and texts: Eugenio Tisselli. Interventions ictòpiques: Andriy Antonovskiy Catherine Girona, Joan Moll and Ester Xargay.

Music: Adrià Grandia (hurdy-gurdy) and Miguel Angel Marin (hoe-clarinet).

Oulipo and its break epistemoil·lògica: desautomatització alive of automatic writing.

The Golem as a paradigm metonimias apostrofades.

Indiscipline, chaos and dissolution of coherence: the antipoetry as contrateràpia subliminal lyrics of repression.

Dissection of poetry I flounces through the tutu opposite of you yo-yo.

Transparency opaque scenarios.

The need to say nothing: literature as a danger to the literature.

The epic failure and misery moral success: the aesthetics of the foolish desapresa, desentesa desanalitzada by hand and metaphors that take off and do not reach their second term.

Computer with the information that kills poetry.

We exceeded all limits, imposed a return to disorder.

The non-existence of unintelligibility.

Fascist undercurrent of excellence and perfection.

Hymns in praise of nowhere audience questioned as a raw material for quantum evidence.

Black holes of oulipoisme.

Place: Museu Picasso

Entrance Plaza Sabartés 1

Free admission. limited

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