We welcome BarriBrossa, the proposal from the La Seca Espai Brossa

Cesc Gelabert interprets Vicente Escudero

With the collaboration of Isaki Lacuesta. Performance.

Based on a proposal by Hermann Bonnín to create a homage to the figure of Vicente Escudero, we resume and expand the collaboration about the extraordinary dancer from Valladolid that we started with Isaki Lacuesta in the autumn of 2012 within the performance of Tranç. Vicente Escudero is a unique figure, "polyhedral" and avant-garde who, with his personal way of interpreting, has transformed Flamenco.

  • Choreography and interpretation: Cesc Gelabert
  • Video: Isaki Lacuesta and Cesc Gelabert
  • Costumes: Lydia Azzopardi

A production of LA Seca Espai Brossa in collaboration with the Museu Picasso


Day: Friday October 18th

Time: 9pm

Admission free of charge