Pugilistic conspiracy in Picasso’s home: Arthur Cravan versus Carles Hac Mor

Session of actions

Session of actions that aims to review the artistic legacy of Arthur Cravan and his influence on various generations of creators thanks to the poet Carles Hac Mor.

 In 1992, the Palau de la Virreina of Barcelona presented the exhibition Arthur Cravan. Poet and boxer. Within the framework of the exhibition, curated by Maria Lluïsa Borràs, Carles Hac Mor and Ester Xargay, two days of actions and readings were organized in a ring installed for the occasion in the courtyard of la Virreina. Those events not only served to ensure the diffusion of Cravan, who Carles Hac Mor hadn’t stopped spreading, but also to connect various generations and creators of diverse disciplines around the idea of the action: Macromassa, Imma Pla, Xavier Manubens and Maite Ninou, Xavier Canals, Benet Rossell, Òscar Abril Ascaso, Borja Zabala, etc.

 From this point on, and under the shadow of the poet boxer, a rich actionist performance was carried out that went beyond the strict world of art, and Carles Hac Mor and Ester Xargay began a format that, under the name of spoken or walking magazine, was developed for many years.  It is not a coincidence, in fact, that some people consider Arthur Cravan to be the father of the happening. Now we would like to recuperate this open spirit and one of action, to pay a very un-mortuary like homage to Cravan and Hac Mor.

Coordination and presentation: Ester Xargay and Eduard Escoffet.

Participants: Lluís Alabern, Vicenç Altaió, Andríi Antonovskyi and Catalina Girona, J.M. Calleja, David Caño, Joan Casellas, Marta Darder, Xavi Lloses, Xavier Manubens, Miquel Àngel Marín, Pere Noguera, Imma Pla, Pía Sommer, David Ymbernon, Mireia Zantop.


Thursday November 16th, 7pm

Admission free of charge, limited capacity

Access: Pati de Montcada 23, sala de la columna, pati Noguera and lecture hall

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