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A look from the illustration with Arnal Ballester

"Picasso at the foot of the bed"

"In one of the museum is a small ink drawing entitled Nude Picasso ajegut sitting at his feet. It shows a woman lying on the bed and the title does not lie. Certainly not any of the works for which the normal visitor has decided to get closer to the museum, but still has one of the features that most appeal to me of Picasso, as is the ability to catch life with what you have on hand, abruptly and without artifice. stroll the rooms paying attention to everything that is an indication of this attitude. I can be even more interesting if done with a pencil in hand, turning the stimuli marks on the paper. No need to be excellent, just that they are. "

    Date: April 28
    Place: the permanent halls
    Entrance: c / Montcada Windows 23. Palau
    Time: 19:30
    Price: Free

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