Alphabet. Picasso Poet
«say one hundred times a and afterwards b and afterwards a b a a and afterwards a b a b and afterwards a b c d jump of the toad». Picasso Pablo (22.01.1936). The structure of the alphabet perfectly matches the poetry of Picasso, who always felt a predilection for both letters and words, as well as for inventories, lists and repetitions. Writing was for him the inseparable complement of painting, because it expressed what the image could not express.

Thus the desire to build a kind of abridged dictionary of terms and names that with its various definitions and forms of use illuminate the hidden meaning of the texts and weave a track of conductive threads.

This alphabet not only gathers together the recurring themes of the writings, but also the diverse protagonists of Picasso's poetry: poets, writers, publishers, friends, women and children. It allows us to reach the heart of the Picasso universe by turning to the banal poetry of the scenes of everyday life, the ABC of things, love and eroticism, the violence of war or propitiatory rites, and, at the same time, providing a few keys to the artist's personality, psychic complexion and cosmic vision.

The multiplicity and diversity of the entries corresponds to that of the authors, which allows access to a wide variety of points of view about the reading and interpretation of Picasso's complex poetry.

Authors: Androula Michael, Alicia Navarro, Carlos Ferrer Barrera, Cécile Godefroy, Christine Piot, Claustre Rafart i Planas, Emmanuel Guigon, Francesc Cortès, Fabienne Douls, Gilbert Lascault, Georges Sebbag, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Jèssica Jaques Pi, Johan Popelard, Jean-Paul Morel, Jeanne-Yvette Sudour, Laurence Bertrand-Dorléac, Lilie Fauriac, Margarida Cortadella, Mari Cruz Barón, Marc Guastavino, Marie-Laure Bernadac, Nanette Rißler-Pipka, Peter Read, Rafael Inglada, Serge Linarès, Victoria Combalía
Year: 2019
Pages: 336
Languages: català, castellà, francès y anglès
Format: 16 x 24 cm
Editor: Fundació Museu Picasso de Barcelona
Catalan 978-84-120462-2-9
Spanish 978-84-120462-1-2
French 978-84-120462-3-6
English 978-84-120462-4-3
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