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The Smokers' Room. Pipe Collection (Hall 6)

This huge collection, featuring more than 300 pipes, dominates this hall. They come from many diverse sources which are mainly European, although there are also pipes from Turkey and India. Many are accompanied by their sinuous original cases in leather and velvet, on which we can see the names of the establishments where they were bought. Most of these pipes are meant for smoking tobacco, although there are a few that are meant for opium. The decorative aspect of the collection has been set off by its unique display design.

A close look reveals the various materials and techniques used in the creation of these pieces. Among the many materials used are terracotta, bone, meerschaum, amber and metal.

In some cases, these pipes are veritable sculptures, created using traditional techniques. The subject matter is varied. Of note are portraits of famous characters (like the one featuring Beethoven, located in one of the flat showcases), mythological scenes, zoomorphic characters (those in the form of an animal), and scenes showing local customs and manners. Have a look at some of the more curious examples, like the hand holding a skull, a lady with glasses and a parasol, and a velocipede.