Urban Landscape

Building work subsidies

For works in the inside and the requirement of the buildings. They promote the security, the improvement of the accesibility, the facilities, the sustainability and the commercial premises.


Books and thematic walks that they invite to discovering looks less known of the patrimony and the history of the city.

Good practices

Near 40.000 interventions they put the management of protection and improvement of the urban landscape that favor the quality of life.


The Byelaw of the Uses of the Urban Landscape watches over the sustainable use of the landscape, regulates the outer advertising and the commercial labelling, among others.


A new mobile application for enjoying the city

Take a stroll through Barcelona with a truly original visual guide. The BCN Paisatge mobile application invites you to discover unique sites and curious features.

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Protection establishments Plan


Welcome, Mr Nose Man!

Welcome, Mr Nose Man!

Christmas. As is the tradition, the Nose Man will be taking part in the children's party on the last day of the year. This year it's being held at the Jardinet del Pedró, a site that's been recently reclaimed.

Green and self-sufficient party walls

Green and self-sufficient party walls

Urban Habitat. Barcelona adapts the outer walls of several buildings to energy and aesthetic needs, with decorative vertical gardens and solar panels for self-sufficient buildings.

Green and more sustainable party walls

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