Urban Landscape

Building work subsidies

For works in the inside and the requirement of the buildings. They promote the security, the improvement of the accesibility, the facilities, the sustainability and the commercial premises.


Books and thematic walks that they invite to discovering looks less known of the patrimony and the history of the city.

Good practices

Near 40.000 interventions they put the management of protection and improvement of the urban landscape that favor the quality of life.


The Byelaw of the Uses of the Urban Landscape watches over the sustainable use of the landscape, regulates the outer advertising and the commercial labelling, among others.


A new mobile application for enjoying the city

Take a stroll through Barcelona with a truly original visual guide. The BCN Paisatge mobile application invites you to discover unique sites and curious features.

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Protection establishments Plan


Exhibition: The Nature of Art Nouveau

Exhibition: The Nature of Art Nouveau

From 09/10/2014 to 06/01/2015
Edifici Disseny Hub Barcelona, pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37-38, Barcelona
Organized by the Réseau Art Nouveau Network with the support of the European Commission

Exhibition "The Nature of the Art Nouveau"

The Güell Pavilions will be open to the public with a new look

The University, owner of the Pavilions, will hand over the use for ten years to the Municipal Institute|High School of the Urban Landscape, which will organize activities of touristic, cultural, educational and scientific type there

Video Pavilions Güell

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