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The permanent exhibition

Basing itself on the Museu de la Música's collections, the permanent exhibition displays a selection of over 500 musical instruments from the Museum's holdings, formed by over 1,600 pieces, aside from documents and objects. The exhibition is presented to the public through a diversified proposal, which comprises the main audiovisual itinerary, called Orpheus; the exhibition around the central skylight entitled "The Permanence of Sound. From the Oral Traditional to Digital Recording"; the Catalan Musicians Gallery, dealing with the music and society of the Barcelona of 1880-1950, and the Interactive Room, with instruments and models which require the visitor's participation.

  • Animated tour. Photo: Rafael Vargas, 2007

    "Orpheus": an audiovisual visit through the Museum

    A figure of Greek mythology, the god of music and the inventor of the lyre, Orpheus gives his name to the main audiovisual which visitors find on their path through the Museum.

  • The Permanence of Sound

    From the oral tradition to digital recording: a historical review of the various musical media over the course of the centuries.

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