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'Estima el teu mercat't 2015

New edition of the International Markets Week, a worldwide initiative seeking citizens see the markets with different eyes. Therefore, during a fortnight, the markets organize a large program of activities. In the case of Barcelona, you can look up them all in


Markets of Barcelona launches the second edition of "Love Your Local Market"

Markets of Barcelona launches the second edition of "Love Your Local Market"

The 2nd edition of International Markets Week is here. Under the slogan "Love Your Local Market", between 15 and 31 May it will be offering some seventy activities around Barcelona markets, including culinary events, with the popular Night-time Tasting, children's activities, performances, workshops and competitions, as well as discounts and promotions.

'Estima el teu mercat't 2015

International award for Barcelona Markets

International award for Barcelona Markets

On Saturday, 28 March, Project for Public Spaces presented Barcelona with its Market City Award This event concluded the International Public Markets Conference held from 26 to 28 March, during which a declaration was issued on the opportunities markets offer for transforming cities.

International Conference of Public Markets 26-28 March 2015

The URBACT Markets project ends

The URBACT Markets project ends

Representatives of the cities involved in the URBACT Markets project met at Santa Caterina Market for a meeting that marked the official end to two years of joint work promoting markets as a stimulus to urban development.


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