Energy and environmental quality

The air quality and energy efficiency are also areas that determine the public space. Barcelona wants to contribute to the fight against climate change by improving energy efficiency and reduce dependence on fossil fuels and emissions of greenhouse gases. That's why the city promotes energy conservation and energy efficiency, promoting renewable energy and encourages the improvement of environmental quality of urban environment, focusing on areas such as noise or lighting quality air.

Solar Ordinance Business Agent

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The integral manager of the Solar Ordinance Business Agent (GIOS) intends to be a tool useful and practical on-line addressed to the professionals of the sector, to help them carrying out the development of projects of facilities of thermal and photovoltaic solar energy, and that simplifies the procedures for the obtaining of the corresponding municipal licenses.

Diary of Energy

Enter into the web site of the Factory of the Sun!

The equipment of information and environmental education, placed in the antique offices of the Catalan factory of Gas, uses its web site for the first time this Tuesday 19th March.

Diary of Energy

News of Energy

Barcelona Nord bus station reduces energy consumption by 40%

The station has been installed with a geothermal energy system that will generate annual savings of 70,000 euros.

Green and more sustainable party walls

Green and more sustainable party walls

Urban Habitat. Barcelona adapts the outer walls of several buildings to energy and aesthetic needs, with decorative vertical gardens and solar panels for self-sufficient buildings.

Green and more sustainable party walls

World experts and business executives are to discuss energy innovation in Barcelona

Executives from the Spanish State's main energy businesses, businesses with a presence in Latin America, high-level politicians and renowned world experts will be coming together in Barcelona on 27 and 28 January to discuss the role of innovation in the energy industry, its effect on the fight against climate change and, in general, its contribution to society. The event in question is the II International Business Symposium FUNSEAM on Innovation and Sustainable Energy.

Clocks go forward an hour

The clocks go forward an hour, from 2 am to 3 am, on 30 March, so make sure you change your clock and watch times.

News of Energy

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