Environmental education

The Department of the Environment offers a set of environmental education programmes , activities and resources to the education sector and also to all city residents with the intention of spreading awareness of the city's environmental management and of stimulating residents' complicity and involvement in its enhancement.

All the activities and proposals can be carried out in the facilities we have at our disposal and also in our city's green spaces.

You can find a wide range of options to do whether at schools, as a family, or individually, as part of leisure activities and other proposals which are programmed at different times of the year.


"Music in the Parks 2014" is filling the city's green spaces with summer-evening concerts.

You will be able to enjoy free, open-air concerts right up to the end of August, as part of the 19th edition of "Music in the Parks 2014". Classical music, jazz and bands will be playing in the city's gardens and parks. Check out the programme.

NOTICE: Special programming of the Magical Fountain on 11 May

On the occasion of the Roses convenient Barcelona Sunday 11 May at 21pm Magic Fountain offers the special show "The Language of Roses" with a selection of music chosen by Victoria Palma, music journalist, with roses as its main theme.

Enter into the web site of the Factory of the Sun!

The equipment of information and environmental education, placed in the antique offices of the Catalan factory of Gas, uses its web site for the first time this Tuesday 19th March.

Draw of 12 allotments of the Farmhouse vegetable garden The House of Master

in the OAC of Sants-Montjuïc of the 5th in the 15th April.


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Barcelona Nord bus station reduces energy consumption by 40%

The station has been installed with a geothermal energy system that will generate annual savings of 70,000 euros.

World Water Day

The Beach Centre and Fàbrica del Sol have organised workshops and walks to highlight the importance of this natural resource.

Video 'We investigate the water of the beach'

Registration is open for the International "Barcelona Rose Convention"

An international event on roses and their use in public and private areas around the world, taking place in the Palau de Pedralbes from 11 to 14 May, will be joined by renowned experts from the sector. The registration period closes on 24 April 2014.

Barcelona, City of Roses

International Rose Competition: from the 9th to the 11th of May

From the 9th to the 11th of May the Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona's City Council), through the city's Àrea de Medi Ambient i Serveis Urbans (Environmental and Urban Services Section), is organizing the 14th edition of the International New Roses of Barcelona Competition in the Cervantes Rose Garden.

Spring is here!

The municipal parks and gardens as well as household plants are all taking on new life and coming into flower with the arrival of Spring. Now is the moment to prune dead leaves and branches, sow seeds and begin watering on a more regular basis.

Video 'the spring Starts'

Courses of Gardening and Landscape Gardening for amateurs, technicians and professionals (2012-2013)

Consult the formative offer of the Labyrinth Training Facility (Centre de Formació del Laberint) for course 2012-2013.

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