Beaches and cycle of the water

The role of cities in the natural cycle of water is crucial. Managing water resources in a global focus throughout the water cycle in a responsible manner is essential and includes the supply of water available, sewer and storm water retention, and public fountains ornamental lakes, beaches and water consumption in the city.

Water walks

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Barcelona city has a rich collection of public and ornamental fountains of great natural, historical, social and cultural value.

Annual maintenance works are currently being carried out on the city's ornamental fountains and lakes. A number of water facilities may be temporary out of order. Please consult the oficial site for more information

Fountains of Barcelona

Agenda of Cicle of the Water

For autumn, the Magic Fountain will be including jazz choreographies

From Sunday, October 12th, until Thursday, November 27th, the Montjuic Magic Fountain will include jazz in the musical line-up as a way to coincide with the 46th Voll-Damm International Jazz Festival of Barcelona.

New summer choreographies at the Magic Fountain

This summer, the Magic Fountain debuts new choreography to the most current hits, do not miss it!

NOTICE: Affectations in the Magic Fountain for the Mercè festival

The Magic Fountain and the fountain pools of the avenue Maria Cristina will see their functioning altered before and during the Mercè festival.

The Magic Fountain bubbles up from Tuesday to Sunday

The municipal installations are expanding their timetable and are now offering the water, light and color performance from Thursday to Sunday, 9:00 pm to 11:30 pm, through October 30th. Don't miss out!

Agenda of Cicle of the Water

News of Cycle of the water

The Magic Fountain will not be operating for approximately one month for improvements and maintenance

From the 7th of January to the 26th of February the Magic Fountain will not be putting on its normal performances in order to carry out annual maintenance tasks.

Mercè 2014 in The Magic Fountain

The Magic Fountain and Maria Cristina Avenue will also be part of the line-up for the 2014 Mercè festival. So don't miss out!

Barcelona rings in the New Year 2015 with a great show featuring music, light and fireworks

For the second consecutive year, 70,000 people packed Avinguda Reina Maria Cristina to welcome in the New Year.

Video 'Barcelona Inspires the best New Year's Eve'

What sculptures can be found on Barcelona beaches?

L'estel ferit [The wounded star] by Rebecca Horn or Peix [Fish] by Frank Gehry are just some of the works on Sant Sebastià, Barceloneta and Nova Icària beaches. Discover them all!

Video 'Sculptures on the beaches'

News of Cycle of the water

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