Barcelona Nord bus station reduces energy consumption by 40%

posted 15/01/2015 - Redacció -

The bus station has been installed with a geothermal energy system that will generate annual savings of approximately 70,000 euros. The new heating and cooling system will use renewable energy, reduce CO2 emissions and improve user comfort.

Barcelona Nord Bus Station is now a more environmentally-friendly facility thanks to the installation of a new geothermal heating and cooling system. The refurbishment will generate energy savings of 40% and reduce the annual energy bill by approximately 70,000 euros. The new geothermal system, which takes advantage of stable underground temperatures, cools the station in summer by sinking heat into the ground, which stores the energy. This accumulated energy can then be used for heating in winter. The installation of the new system cost 738,000 euros.

The new geothermal heating and cooling system uses a source of renewable energy, free of cost and freely available, reducing CO2 emissions and improving the comfort of users at the station. The new facility is based on a geothermal heat pump which replaces the conventional heat pump, and a vertical exchange system comprising 28 wells, 133 metres deep, in which glycol water (70% water, 30% anti-freeze) circulates, acting as a heat transfer fluid.

A "highly satisfactory" station

Users rate perceived quality at Barcelona Nord bus station at 7.5, a 0.3-point improvement compared to the previous year. This shows that the station continues to maintain the high standards achieved over the last seven years, when satisfaction levels have increased by almost one full point.

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