Turn your house into a garden 2011-12

posted 14/10/2011

The City Council of Barcelona, in collaboration with the Catalan Confederation of Ornamental Gardening (CHOC in Catalan) brings to you a new edition of workshops on gardening and ornamentation in the parks and gardens of the city.

The green areas in our city contribute to the environmental quality, comfort and leisure areas. Taking a close look at the plants there offer us also the opportunity to learn about gardening, which we can then use when taking care of our own plants. For the second year running, the City Council of Barcelona, in collaboration with the Catalan Confederation of Ornamental Gardening (CHOC in Catalan) brings to you a new edition of Turn your home into a garden , a series of workshops on gardening and ornamentation in the parks and gardens of the city.

The programme for this edition, which includes new workshops on indoor plants, plants used in cooking and aromatic herbs, cacti and succulent plants and balconies with sunlight and shade, adapt the themes of them to the types of plants typical of the time of year and bring you basic technical and practical skills in a unique setting. Green areas are converted into exceptional classrooms one Sunday of every month.

All the workshops in the Turn your home into a garden are taught by technicians and specialists in gardening, flower arrangements or vegetable gardening and include a space to share experiences, thoughts and doubts, besides the theory and practical contents. The approximate duration of each workshop is 45 minutes and in total there are 60 places in three different shifts; that makes it necessary to book your workshop by phone or sending an email to La Fàbrica del Sol.

You will also find all the teaching material for each session on the web

Come to the parks and gardens of Barcelona one Sunday a month between 10.00h and 13.00h and learn how to turn your home into a garden!

Sunday 6th of November, from 10.00h to 14.00h.
Mossèn Cinto Verdaguer Gardens (access through carrer dels Tarongers).
Public transport: Bus 50 and Funicular of Montjuïc.
Crocuses, daffodils and hyacinths will decorate your balconies o terraces if they are planted at this time of the year. Grow these Mediterranean bulbous plants at home and discover what species adapt best to each situation.

Sunday 4th of December, from 11:00h to 14:00h
Príncep de Girona Garden, c. Lepant, 373-387
Public transport: Buses 10 & 92 and Metro L4
Decorating your table with plants will bring nature into your homes over Christmas. Discover ideas to each part of the house, tricks and the most adequate plants and flowers to decorate your table for Christmas dinner.

Sunday 8th of January
Rose garden of the Cervantes park, Av. Diagonal 708-716
Public transport: Buses 7, 33, 54, 60, 74, 75, 113; Metro L3, and Tram T1, T2, T3
This workshop will teach you all you need to know about rose bushes and their compatibility with other species and how each variety grows; you will also learn which is the best suited place to plant rose bushes and pruning seasons for each type.

Sunday 5th of February
Vil·la Cecília Gardens, c. Eduardo Conde, 22-42
Public transport: Bus 34, Metro L3
The conditions for indoor plants must meet their basic needs so they can adapt and gift us with their best looks. We will work with several plants which are a guaranteed success.

Sunday 4th of March
Central Park of Poblenou, av. Diagonal, 130
Public transport: Bus 7, 40, 42, 71, B25, Tram T4
So as to know which varieties to choose, their characteristics and properties, how and where to grow them and use them in our garden and in the kitchen.

Sunday 1st of April
Estació del Nord Park, c. Almogàvers, 27-61
Public transport: Bus 40, 42, 141 Metro L1
With this workshop you will learn how to adapt your garden or terrace to grow vegetables and how to get vegetables all year round.

Sunday 13th of May
Central Park of Nou Barris, pg. Fabra i Puig, 444-450
Public transport: 11, 31, 32, 47, 50, 51, 71, 82, 122, Metro L4
Balconies, both with sunlight and shade, offer good conditions to host a wide variety of decorative plants. Learn how to combine them, mix them and group them for each different situation.

Sunday 3rd of June
Creueta del Coll Park, pg. Mare de Déu del Coll, 77
Public transport: Bus 28, 92
Taking care of our plants, following the rules to respect our environment and nature will allow us to have nice healthy plants while favouring biodiversity in our homes.

Sunday 1st of July
Mossèn Costa i Llober Gardens, ctra. Miramar, 2-36
Public transport: Bus 38
Cacti and succulent plants are the best suited plants for gardens requiring little watering. Discover what they are like and how to grow them and learn about plant coverings and xerogardening.

All workshops are free. Registrations will open 15 days before the workshop at 10.00h and will close on the Friday before or when all vacancies have been occupied. A maximum of two people can register on each phone call or email, where it will be necessary to provide the name and surname of the participants, as well as a contact telephone number.

La Fàbrica del Sol
Tel. 932 564 430

Catalan Confederation of Ornamental Gardening (CHOC in Catalan)
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